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Rose was only 15 years old when her grandfather’s entourage betrayed him by storming their family home, and snatching away the person dearest to her heart. Shattering her world into pieces, and leaving her behind in a deep pit of sorrow and agony after everyone in her circle vanishes all in one night. She grows extremely desperate when an old flame mysteriously returns to town. Using her naivete to his advantage, she begins to suspect the long term detective working on her family’s case knows more than he’s been leading on. Now the tides have turned and the thin lines between love and hate cause her to choose between her long lost family, her heart, or herself while on the run for her life after becoming number one on the supernatural hit list. 


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Get a grip. Will Ya' You Matter

(Dedication to the ladies journal)

In this generation we get swept up in the hype of others. Forgetting the most important values of self. This journal is long term guidance to the best friend you've longed for. I, myself have struggled to reach the success I have today. Tune into the momentum circle to discover your true value of self. Let's as women hold eachother up before we put eachother down! 





J.R. Tilman is from Toledo, a small city on the west bank of the Maumee River, Ohio. Tilman may seem state, but the last few years have taught her a lot. Tilman has experienced several "wake-up" moments, from her beloved grandfather's death to the trails and tribulations of young love and kicking back at parental authority.

Tilman's life thus far has brought her to this stage in her life. When in college she took a leap of faith to fulfil her calling by becoming a writer and working to create her coaching practice for young teens. She's grown and knows she is here to serve. Furthermore, she knows just how she is going to do it. 


Her purpose is to transform people's lives by her coaching business, fiction, and non-fiction books and guiding people towards their own purpose. Tilman knows about dead- end jobs, family struggle and being lost. She has learnt how the mind holds the secret to our success and happiness. 


She believes if she can do it, we all can do it. 

Check out her books; Supernatural debut novel INCURSION; THIN LINES BETWEEN LOVE and WAR, and her inspirational journal: GET A GRIP WILL YA' YOU MATTER. 



I assist teens into understanding the way their mind works, shifting their belief systems created by society. Helping map out a concrete plan to follow their dreams to success. Also by teaching them self worth, positive affirmations, and independency. To live in the now and understand it's normal to feel with your emotions. As a coach I'm going to be there every step of the way. Informing them it's their job/in their control to create the best future their hearts desire. 




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